Национально-технический музей

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Национально-технический музей

Unique environment combined with high variability of space makes the Technical Museum attractive venue for social events.

Why National Technical Museum?

An attractive location in the heart of Letna surrounded by a park
New modern displays with a strong interactive involvement of visitors
An exclusive city view from the foyer with a fountain on the 3rd floor
Variable spaces with an appropriate technical background
A posibility to use the café area adjacent to the main lobby

From the viewpoint of bothcommercial and non-commercial use the venue is suitable for:

social events
conferences and seminars
lectures, workshops
press conference
company presentation
filming, photography


Cinema auditorium ×  ×  × 115 
Foyer + expositions ×  400 ×   ×
Foyer 1st and 3dr floors ×  50 80  50 
Café Muzeum has 80 seating places 


Contact details

National Technical Museum
Kostelní 42
170 78 Praha 7 - Holešovice
tel 606 335 289

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