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The wedding day is one of the most important days in life. A wedding reception requires great attention because the impression it makes is usually what is remembered even after many years. Hundreds of weddings that we have co-organized are your guarantee that you can safely rely on us.

We can help you choose a suitable location to hold your wedding and are happy to assist you with other wedding services. An ideal and very popular wedding venue is Brevnov Monastery, where at one location you can marry, have a reception, accommodate out-of-town guests and use the facilities of the hotel suite throughout the day.

Experience memorable wedding day and night at Brevnov!

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Thanks from the newlyweds

Wedding of Magda and Matthieu / Kaiserstein palace

On the 26th May we had a wedding reception at Kaiserstein palace. Your company organised the food and drinks. For many weeks prior the wedding we were looking for a suitable venue and a catering company. By chance we came across your website that impressed us, and we decided to meet up with you.

Before the meeting, we met other suppliers, so that we had a chance to compare. During the first phone call I had a good feeling and after the first meeting with Mr. Toman we had decided. We were pleased with the professionalism, flexibility and overall approach of Mr. Toman. Whenever I needed something, he always wrote back or picked up the phone, and that's certainly not a commonplace at present time. My parents live far away and they were worried whether we had chosen well. After the tasting they praised you a lot and looked forward to the wedding.

The D-day was approaching fast and while other suppliers complicated preparation, changed the deadlines agreed etc., with you everything went without a single problem. More and more I realized how our wedding depends on the quality of your work. On our wedding day, your entire team performed a wonderful job! Mr. Rychetský assisted us the whole time and was always pleasant whenever I needed something. He was always nearby ready to handle any situation. His good mood was contagious. The waiters had smiles on their faces until the early hours of the morning, always very polite and friendly.

The food was amazing, my family still calls me and asks for the recipe for your divine duck. Besides, your chef served us ham at 4 am which we really appreciate. Both the French and Czech families had only positive feedback. The French were delighted with the quality of your service, compared the behavior of managers and waiters at events in the Czech Republic and France. They agreed that it was one of the best services they had ever seen at a wedding.

Big thanks to you for your contribution to the success of our wedding day and for allowing us to relax. Special thanks to Mr. Toman, Mr. Rychetský, Mr. Pazdera and Mr. Zeman!

We very much appreciate the quality of your work and wish you much success at work which you deserve 100%!

Magda & Matthieu Blouin


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