Gesundheit und Hygiene

Die Qualität der Gastronomie garantiert der Küchenchef Jiří Zeman persönlich.


Gesundheit und Hygiene

We are constantly improving the verification of a quality of prepared meals . We do not leave anything to chance, from the selection of our employees, through suppliers, to regular quality checks.
In 2002 In Catering first became certified within the HASAP system. This guarantees that all technological, logistical and service proceedings comply with necessary certification criteria.
HACCP is an abbreviation for the English term “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”, which is used around the world to set guidelines that aim to eliminate hazardous food products from the cooking process by means of assessment of infection dangers before the product is finished. The analysis is implemented as a system of prerequisite measures for assuring food safety.

Come and see for yourself, have a guided tour. I look forward to meeting you!

Jiri Zeman, head chef


Hygiene certificates

Certifikát HASAP  

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