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A guide to your perfect wedding

Are you planning a wedding and are you not sure how to go about it?

Our new wedding catalogue is the perfect guide to help you and be with you every step of the way. You can also rely on the assistance of our team, who can arrange everything and prepare the best refreshments.

In our wedding catalogue you will find an overview of important tasks, dates and when to focus on their planning. It also presents different types of weddings to suit your style and will help you choose the ideal wedding venue. You will also find the pros and cons of working with our wedding coordinator. And finally there is the most important part — our selection of food, drinks, banquet styles and everything else that revolves around gastronomy.

You can also receive answers to the most commonly asked questions when planning a wedding, and finally check the wedding day step by step so that you do not miss anything in the schedule.
However, this catalogue is not only a wedding guide. It also presents everything we can help you with. A perfect menu is a matter of course, but we are also happy to take on other tasks, such as preparing entertainment, supplying flowers and decorations, providing music or a professional photographer. Alternatively, we can coordinate your entire wedding.

The catalogue is available for download HERE.

Send your inquiries and requests to sales@incatering.cz or fill out the inquiry form.

We wish your wedding to be your most beautiful day!


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